What Are Illegal (Rogue) Fillers?

What Are Illegal (Rogue) Fillers?

Illegal or Rogue fillers are people or companies that fill cylinders that don’t belong to them, and are not duly authorised to do so.
These fillers are often cheaper, since they do not have the capital investment aspect to repay.

Some may argue that it’s ok, however it’s the same as someone just steeling your car and saying, "what’s the problem, I was going to return it later", none of the maintenance is paid for by the borrower, nor is it covered by the owners insurance. 

Some common complaints about rogue fillers is that they don’t seem to always fill the bottle properly, yet they charge for a refill. Explains the cheap price doesn’t it.
Got Gas Fill Guarantee

At Got Gas (Pty) Ltd we only source from the companies that own the bottles or we fill our own (Owned by GotGas), this means that the movement of the bottles is legitimate and we can prove that both you and us purchased them from the bottle owner. The value of this is that there is full accountability and the chain of liability is traceable, you are covered in case of any incident.

All bottles obtained from Got Gas are guaranteed to be filled to their respective levels or we will supply you the bottle absolutely free. In order to qualify for this you would have to weigh the cylinder BEFORE you remove the seal. We can’t tell if any has been used once the seal is removed, nor can we rely on your predictions or assumptions as to how long it should last, no offence of course.

With regard to the 90kg cylinder, we only bill what goes into the cylinder, so any residue is filled on top of. This means that you don’t get the normal wastage factor that comes with all other bottles, given that one can never extract all the gas out of the bottle before returning for refill. The average figure in my experience is between 5 - 15% waste depending on the demand rate of the installation.
Fill Guarantee
Is it Rogue?

There are a number of tell-tale signs that it’s a rogue filler.
1. You always receive different colour cylinders.
2. The seal over the valve is either clear or printed LP-GAS instead of the branded seal that matches the cylinder brand.
3. They are cheap.
4. They provide little documentation or prefer to work with untraceable systems.
So what are the risks?

The risk although unlikely is pretty enormous, you can be held accountable for any and all damage, as well as loss of life along with the rogue filler, should any incident arise.
It’s like buying a stolen car, the authorities will hold you accountable until you can prove where you got it from, and then you will still have to stand in court to explain why you bought stolen property. 
The cylinders are effectively stolen then filled by the rogue filler.

The LPGSASA association is working very hard to ensure that the insurance companies are aware of the rogues, best to be compliant as soon as possible to avoid losing your cover.

Always ensure you purchase from an LPGSASA Member.