About Us



Got Gas was founded by Reynaert Dielwart in 2012 with the aim and vision of modernising a seemingly lethargic industry when it comes to online sales. We are in fact one of only 2 (currently aware of) properly online gas ordering websites. Most are still a silly contact us form.

We have also taken this a bit further to our installations, whith the countries only digital COC on our sister site

For the record, Got Gas only delivers bottles filled by the refineries, meaning they are filled correctly and still hold their public liability insurance.

Is LPG Safe? 

LP Gas is used extensively in the USA, Australia and Europe. When installed by a certified installer, it has proven to be a safe and convenient energy source. All LPG appliances should always be SABS approved and should show the LPGSASA "Safe Appliance" sticker. This is important as most gas accidents occur as a result of the use of unsafe appliances or the incorrect use and maintanance of gas appliances.

All LP Gas bottles you receive from Got Gas (Pty) Ltd are from Totalgaz and have been pressure tested to limits well above the filling and storage pressures, and are tested everytime they are filled.  All our gas bottles are safe to stand in direct sunlight.

Illegal (Rogue) Fillers

Any bottle filled by a company that is not duly authorised by the refining company the cylinders belong to, is considered to be an illegal filler.

Whats the problem with rogue filler?

1. There is no guarantee of the amount of gas in the bottle

2. Rogue fillers do not do any maintenance to the bottles or testing.

3. Your insurance will not pay out should an even occur from an illegally filled bottle.

Illegally filled bottles are easy to spot:

1. They have clear seals over the cylinder valve. Legitimate fillers always have printed seals that match the brand of bottle.

2. You receive mixed cylinders from the illegal fillers, i.e. some Easygas, some Afrox, some Totalgaz etc. Or a different one everytime if ordering singles.

LP Gas is greener

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) burns cleaner than most other fuels, there are no bad odours nor any toxic gases*. Combine this with the high efficiency ratios of modern gas water heaters and appliances, and one can quickly see the green benefit of gas. Coal fired power stations can run anywhere between 35-40% efficiency, this means that of the energy burnt, only 35-40% is actually converted to electrical energy. With LP Gas, up to 92% of the energy is transferred, this is particularly evident in gas water heating systems.

When you use gas you can take solace in the fact that you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon-footprint.

* You should always remember that when things burn, they consume oxygen. Windows or doors, or any other ventilation system must be open to allow fresh air in.