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Gas Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Using LPG

1.  Always open doors or windows to let in fresh air, this is only unnesseccary when using flued appliances, where the exhaust gasses can pass to the outside atmosphere through a flue.

2.  Only use LPGSASA "Safe Appliances", as they carry certain built in safety devices.

3.  Never leave gas appliances on when sleeping or not present.

4.  Always buy gas bottles from legitimate suppliers, that have printed plastic seals.

5.  All installations should only be carried out by certified installers, ask for their licence cards, or check on the SAQCC website to see if they are registered.

6.  Never let children play with gas appliances.

7.  If you smell unburnt gas, shut off all valves and cylinders and call your installer.

8.  If you have to light the gas manually for whatever reason (eg. power failures), always light the match first, then switch on the gas, not the other way round.