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Gas Uses

Water Heating

Save 33% in energy costs by replacing electrical geysers with gas. The energy costs for heating water in the average home can account for as much as 50% of you energy bills. Tankless gas water heaters are one of the most energy efficient and versatile ways to heat water. The gas water heater will only heat on demand when hot water is required. There is no standby energy losses keeping water hot (If you run 10L of hot water, it will only heat 10L of hot water.)
No energy wasted keeping water hot.
Lock up and go convenience since gas water heaters only heat when water is running.
Heat what you use only.
Never run out of hot water.
Compact installation.

Cooking your food has never been easier, Instant heating, faster than electricity, Controllable heat C02 emissions lower than electricity, 9/10 of professional chefs prefer using LPG gas for cooking
Space Heating

Heaters generally refer to closed flame heating appliances. This makes them safer since they don’t have an open flame, and often cleaner. These types are heaters can be used in bedrooms provided they are flue'd to the outside (The exhaust gases pass to the outside)
Gas heaters heat very fast when compared to electric, and are much more efficient provided the correct appliance is used. Cheap heaters are often inefficient, talk to us about what are the better options.

Gas fireplaces have become very popular due to their aesthetic looks and convenient starting. They can provide a large amount of heat, but placement is critical for effectiveness. A fireplace placed in a double volume area will always battle due to the heat rising up, Forced blow gas heaters are better for double volume applications.
Fireplaces can be used in bedrooms, provided they are flue'd to the outside.
When choosing a fireplace be sure to select a good quality fireplace that is spec'd correctly, otherwise you can waste an enormous amount of gas, with little heat.

Gas Generators are relatively new is SA, thankfully they have been used overseas for some time, so we have all the data from the suppliers in terms of operating costs and efficiency. Gas generators are very efficient compared to petrol generators, they dont require filling up with messy petrol, and can be conveniently placed out the way.
Gas Generators are more efficient than petrol generators
They have a service interval often 2x longer than petrol GenSets
Are extremely convenient since they dont require you running off to the petrol station with a Jerry Can. (provided of course you have a decent gas installation).