Prepaid Gas Metering

Got Gas Prepaid Metering
Prepaid Gas Metering

The Got Gas prepaid offering can be integrated with any pulsed gas meter. The most common of which is the Metrix G4/G2.5 gas meter.

A user can easily recharge their prepaid gas online through our website by registering and providing their Gas Meter Serial Number and Prepaid Smart Device number as shown below:

Got Gas Prepaid Metering Registration
They can also access their prepaid credit level online under their customer profile. We also alert users via SMS when they have 5kg's of gas credit left.

Please contact us if you would like to make use of our prepaid offering in your complex or development.

Prepaid LP Gas per Kg

Prepaid LP Gas units, purchased in Kgs. You will be sent a text message and email confirmation after payment is received and recharge is successful.
R 28.77