Got Gas 90kg FAQ

Here are some Common FAQ's regarding the 90kg system

What Happens to the bottles I already have?

We collect any cylinders you have, weight each of them, and credit you for the gas still inside at the rate you get from us for LPG.

Cylinder deposits will be credited at R300 ex vat per cylinder - see next question.

Is there a deposit on the 90kg?

Yes, but we will credit you for any bottles we retrieve back from you.

What happens if I want to go back to my old system?

Simply call or email us, and we will return the same number of 48kgs we removed.
We then weigh the 90kgs you are returning to us and credit you for the gas still inside.

Is there a contract?

No.. We have great system and great prices, we don't need to lock you in. My belief is that so long as we could potentially loose you, we stay on our toes. Contracts make people complacent.

Will there be a saving?

To date every customer who has reported a certain usage before, has reduced their usage with the 90kgs system, a conservative figure is 10%, a couple very heavy users have been up to 20%.

Do I get notified when the cylinder triggers?

Yes, whilst the notification goes directly to our server, there is an automated email that gets sent to you

How reliable is the system?

Apart from the telemetry SmartTank we place at your site, we have a "Failsafe" system that calculates when we should receive level notification from SmartTank, if that's exceeded, it then interrogates the SmartTank, thereafter if no reply is received we flag and fill immediatly.

When is the best time to convert over?

It really doesn't matter since we place the 90kgs on the side that is not being used (In the case of a manifold), then flip the changeover valve.
Gas supply is seamless, it will not interfere with your activities. We ensure that the flame and operation is as it was before.

Is it safe?

Yes. The 90kg was designed to exceed the South African/European SANS/ISO4706 requirements and has proven to do so in destructive tests. We had our cylinders certified by SGS (UK Branch) to be safe.